Aries- I’m fucking bored and I think this may be the only cure for your shitty personality.

Taurus- I’m just trying to relax here. I earned this. If you try to talk me out of it, I will get mad.

Gemini- You say funny things when you’re drunk. Funny you is my favorite type of you. I might record this.

Cancer- I’m going to trick you into watching House Hunters with me and making fun of the hosts on the Cooking Channel.

Leo- I want to dance….and drinking makes that more acceptable for some reason.

Virgo- I am stressed in this situation and I hope to be more fun when drunk

Libra-I want to drink and I’m hoping by saying it out loud that you’ll be polite and pay for them.

Scorpio- I am insecure about some emotional issue I am currently having. I am using this to shield many feels and to avoid complicated situations.

Sagittarius- I want to drink. I do not care if you want to drink or not, I am going to regardless of your answer.

Capricorn- I want to see how fucking stupid you act while drunk and then laugh about later it when you piss me off

Aquarius- Sometimes being drunk makes me think more clearly, or at least it seems like it at the time. I need to get some shit out of my head.

Pisces- I feel like everyone wants to drink, so I’m going to announce it and hope that I’m right.


you can share things DIRECTLY from my store to other places like pinterest or twitter??? I know that’s probably normal for online stores…but I found it to be really exciting because I didn’t actually do anything to make this happen :”)

Anyway, feel free to share any items you like!

We do not own Pretty Little Liars or the characters in it. This set was created using the personalities of the characters and not their stated date of birth.

-Shit the Signs Say

I genuinely wish that blogging and running the store could be my actual career. I love doing this and I’m going to bawl my fucking eyes out when it ends in a month.

thebluestchu answered: would the scents change per sign or would it just be in different shapes?

I would definitely change the scents rather than the shapes :)

hypersugarroxy answered: i thought you were closing the store

Unfortunately/fortunately my brain doesn’t stop for deadlines. Regardless of the fact that I set them up for myself.

Until then, I’ll be here writing birth chart analysis allllll day and chugging coffee like it’s a natural element to my body 😂

🌠Remember, I’m only taking orders for birth chart and compatibility readings up until August 15 (16 total days left).🌠

After that point I will NOT accept any more orders.

🌌 Birth Chart 🌌

💕 Compatibility 💕

We do not own South Park or the characters in it. This set was created using the personalities of the characters and not their stated date of birth.

-Shit the Signs Say

Let’s be frank,

we’re all creepy strangers on the internet that don’t know shit about each other.

Reblog with your birthday so your followers know when to send you some nice birthday themed hate mail!

or you could get them a zodiac present :)

I’m taking preorders in the [[ ASK BOX ]]

I have the ability to restock pillowcases for every single sign. Should I do this, do you want this, tell me how you feel. I don’t want to unless you want me to (obviously).

If more than 10 people say yes to this, I’ll put them up and have a presale.

(some are still in stock right now: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Pisces)


istalkpeopleforfun asked: Do the coupon codes count towards birth chart and compatibility analyses?


Yes, but only for the signs that the coupon is specified for.

Aquarius has 50% off, Taurus has 25% off and Scorpio has 25% off.

If the birth chart is ordered for someone with another sun sign, the coupon won’t work.

*Please note that there are exactly 17 days left to order any birth chart analysis or compatibility reports. After that point I will not be accepting electronic orders.