On today’s episode of “why won’t we let that stereotype die,” we visit a mock astrology blog that wonders if anyone that took this survey really understood what was meant by the question.

I’m spending today reorganizing the store and changing some of the prices.

Dropping the price on:

I’m really looking forward to getting the old merchandise out and bringing in new stuff! To make that happen quicker, please occasionally reblog some of the promos for the store!


I’m in the middle of restocking the bracelet charms! You should see those up in the store within the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately because I work full time now, I’m not as quick about stocking. However, the time for birth chart analysis delivery remains at under 7 days and I check my email constantly. If you’re not hearing from me after you’ve ordered something, then there’s a problem!

Additionally, I want to bring in new items. If you have any suggestions, ideas or helpful criticisms: send me an ask or an email through my store contact. 

Thanks for your patience regarding the store stuff. I really try not to shove things down your throat. I hope everyone’s doing okay in school. If not, then I hope my posts make you forget about it for a second.

For some reason, back to school reminds me of the peanuts gang.

We do not own Peanuts or the characters in it. This set was created using the personalities of the characters and not their stated date of birth.

-Shit the Signs Say


Who doesn’t love a strong drink from time to time!? Each person has an affinity to a beloved poison of choice. But here are some cheeky observations and musings of mine categorizing the drinking styles and preferences, according to the 12 star signs.


This passionate, wild sign loves…

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"A day in the life of a…"

For this contest, I’m asking you guys to submit VIDEOS! Film a video (really kind of a skip around montage) of your typical day. The idea is to get “a day in the life of _your sun sign_.”

Read all of these guidelines and adhere to them:

  • This contest ends 9/19 at mtidnight
  • You need to mention your SUN SIGN and THIS CONTEST (“a day in the life of a… by Shit the Signs Say”)
  • Only submit content you’d be okay with the entire world seeing/knowing. Remember the internet is a not so safe zone for private info. Don’t give out your address or your entire name, etc.
  • Upload to tumblr or youtube, I have no preference.
  • Try to keep the video under 2 minutes (for those of us with ADHD)

I’ll be picking a winner on 9/21 who can choose between a gif hour for their sign, or a present from the STSS Store :)

Any further questions can be sent to my ask blog: shitthesignsask.tumblr.com

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Let’s play a game!

If we can get 200 reblogs on the promo linked below:

[[ http://shitthesignssay.tumblr.com/post/97320724924/the-shit-the-signs-say-store-has-brand-new-things ]] by 8:00 pm EST, then I’ll do a gif hour for everyone.

It starts now, so get reblogging! I have a bunch of gifs that are begging to be used!

The Shit the Signs Say Store has brand new things up for sale, but they’re going fast! Everything is under $13.50, so there’s no reason not to get exactly what you want!






To celebrate my keeping the blog open I’ve decided to give some zodiac gear away! All items listed can be found in the Shit the Signs Say Store



1.You must be following Shit the Signs Say

2. Reblog as much as you like, each reblog and like will count as an entry.

3. Keep your ask open so I can contact you. *If you win and do not respond to my message within 24 hours, I will pick a new winner.

4. I will ship anywhere inside the USA

5. Giveaway ends September 28

Winner gets to choose any 1 item from the STSS store!

Good luck!

Check out the prizes in the store:




*doesn’t include the new necklaces